Show me the video recordings of the Pentagon Plane crash

At every debate I have with friends about the 9/11 coverups, I end my statements asking them to show me the video evidence of a 767 flying into the Pentagon. All I hear are crickets chirping.

1: Video camera confiscated form atop the Hilton looking at the Pentagon.

2: Video camera confiscated from a fixed location looking at the highway where the supposed plane flew over.

3: Video camera confiscated form a mom and pop store pointed at the Pentagon.

4: And the best of them all......The top of the line video cameras strategically placed all around the Pentagon. Those video cameras have to be state of the art, yet what is the public presented?.....4 fuzzy, lousy pictures that don't resemble anything close to a 767.

If there is nothing to hide, why not show the American people the recordings, and let independent experts analyze them to make sure they weren't tampered with, in case they phtoshopped a plane in it.

Wouldn't you think the deceivers would like to once in for all shut all those conspiracy nuts up, by presenting the evidence?

Show me the videos, and If it shows a plane going into the Pentagon, and it's been verified by independent and reliable sources that the recordings weren't doctored, then I'll shut the heck up.

Even If I did see a plane going into the Pentagon, Id still have my reservations as to whether it was a deliberate act by devious entities, only because of the plethora of questions that still remain unanswered in other areas concerning the general events of that day, But at least I would be somewhat satisfied to see the videos. We all know that will never happen. And that to me is all I need to know to prove to myself that it was stag

Uploaded 09/11/2010
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