Showcased Media....Good or Bad

I may be wrong in everything you read from hereon....but I will make my point.....

eBaumsWorld has been one of my favourite sites for a good few years now....

It went very slack about 8 months ago but I think this was purely to do with internal staffing problems and the major overhaul which was undergoing at the time.....Namely: " The Major Re-Vamp"

Now all change should be considered a good thing.... Lets face it.... People dont change things to make them worse...." Do They...?" Oh....and within that, I really dont mean any of you "EMO's" that may have logged

eBaumsWorld have  introduced some really cool features to the site since the "Re-Vamp" such as " The Blog Section", " Groups" even a "Live Chat", which I might add.....People abused this so badly it was pulled....Not all people but I'm pretty sure the people who did...if they are reading this KNOW exactly

Now this.....[ to me ] is the reason why I remain a loyal user here..... The reason why E.B.W is a far superior site to other media sites such as " Metacafe, Daily Motion....even YouTube" to mention but a few.... User Interaction is truly the way forward and eBaums is, in my estimation.....Leading The Way.

Anyway.....I'm, enough of blowing eBaums fuckin trumpet... The dirty bitch ripped me

The one new feature after "The Revamp" I am not so sure about is the ability to Showcase your own media on your profile page.... After being out of the loop for a good few weeks and only having time to view some random stuff from my subs, I was glad to return home and sort through some of my videos this weekend.

I uploaded a good few of some of them and received some pretty good feedback and ratings on them. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to rate,comment even just view my uploads. I try to upload stuff with good entertainment value but as any uploader knows it's getting harder to search out material that is fairly original.

Anyway..... I was a little pissed yesterday when eBaum featured HIS "Wedding Blooper" I had uploaded this video 2 days previous to his time-stamp and even put it up as my Showcased Media. I had over 800 views,30 comments and nearly 20 good ratings for it.... This however leads me to think that the underlying motive behind eBaums introduction of The Showcase was really only a timesaver for his staff....

I used to think that it was bad when I saw him taking stuff from the top users of the day and featuring them as his own the day after but now I've realised they don't need to even bother viewing the just submitted section and sorting out the better stuff because you can be sure at his end he will merely be able to view all our showcases just to pick and choose whatever he decides he wants....or "They" as it will certainly be the staff doing this....

We all know eBaums has made his name off the back of other media sites and ripped off their stuff for years but to so blatantly rip off his own users in such a way I find totally soul destroying....This is just one example. I have many many more but after a 5 week break this one hit me bad.....

So a word of warning to all uploaders.... If you think you've got something feature worthy: "Do Not Showcae It" at least make them work for it if they want it....If not you may just get the elusive

I am GLD and I like to piss eBaum off when possible......

Uploaded 10/14/2008
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