Shroud of Jesus Christ

So last night i was watching a show on the discovery channel about the "Blanket" they wrapped Jesus Christ in after he was crucified. It definetely showed evidence of blood, which resulted from some kind of pointy object of this persons head. maybe a crown of thorns perhaps? It also showed areas where blod clots would have appeared, especially on his hands. I've never been one to really believe in religion very highly, but this interesting me quite a bit. Eventually, the priest's in charge of the shrouds protection actually let the scientists studying it to cut off a small piece to examine it by carbon dating. Turns out it was actually not an original piece of it, since it was repaired in that section.  The reason the priests allowed them to cut a piece was to determine the time period it was of. Obviously, it showed strayed results. After the piece was cut, they put the shroud away, never to be seen again as of today, but the same thought keeps occurring to me.

The original reason a small piece was cut off the shroud was to determine it's time period. Obviously, they don't want any more damage to it, but if you were one of the deciding priests, would you allow another small cut to determine it's age. The answer would be 100% correct if the right piece was cut, but if it was determined that this wasn't the shroud of Jesus Christ, would your faith be broken? Would you want to know the answer, or simply put the ideas aside, and continue believing in the shroud?

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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