Shut Up? I Don't Think So.

So it has been suggested to me that I should not express my frustrations regarding my custody battle/divorce, except to explain how the children are affected. Really? I can't feel upset that my ex lied in court in order to gain custody of our son? I can't feel angry that we have been separated for a full year because he chose to take me to court, lie to the judge about his role in the children's upbringing and his work schedule, for the sole purpose of hurting me? I'm not allowed to have any negative feelings about how he told me when I asked him why he did this, "I did this because you left me. Come back, and I will make this all go away." I have no right to feel anything when people come to me and tell me that he is saying that I am no kind of mother to his daughter, my step daughter, even though I am the only mother she knows, and has called me "Mom" for eight of her eleven years?


I am not saying he is a bad parent, or that I am a perfect one, I am just saying that I am better equipped to be the children's primary caregiver.


I have every right to express my feelings and frustrations in an appropriate manner during  this process. I am not doing so to or in front of the children. If you don't like it, then too fucking bad.

Uploaded 11/20/2010
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