I have to apologize, this blog is improperly titled.   I only used the name to draw people here... and since you're here, it obviously worked.   I tricked you, much like shylilazn trolls this blog section with great success. 

This blog is about you.  The one who comments on all of shy's blogs, trying to insult her.   I too was like you at one point.   There was a time where the blog section was filled with back-and-forth spats between her and I.   It got very ugly, off-topic, and extremely pointless.

Shylilazn, formally known as Neko, needs people like you in order to go on doing what she does.  Ebaums for her, is a game.  The objective is attention.  Each view, comment, thumb (up or down) is a point.   She has an amazing strategy that works really well.   Instead of posting nice things, that do not get many views, she has, over the years, built a negative reputation, that is so bad, people flock in to share their opinions, and call her a boy, or chink, or alt user, or shitty mother, or a fake alcoholic, jet pilot, tennis player, pianist, the list goes on.   The very first mistake people make is taking her seriously, or literally.  

Not only do I doubt that anything she says about herself is true, I very highly doubt that she says it in the hopes that someone believes her, and gives her positive credit for her claims.   If positive feedback for her work was the goal, she would have stopped a long time ago.   Keep in mind, shylilazn, has been at this for many years.   Thinking she's too dumb to realize that everyone hates her, is an incorrect assumption.  She reads every single comment you write. Not because she's interested in your opinion, or is looking for advice, but because she's looking for a way to get you more worked up.   She targets those who hate her the most, paying little attention to positive feedback.  

She puts on a persona that people hate.  She plays a person who is self-righteous, ignorant, and elitist.  She spews obvious lies that any retard could call her on, and furthermore avoids telling the obvious truth.  The more she avoids it, the more people try to call her on it.   It's like her alt accounts.  She has them, we all know this.  She uses them frequently.... however she's gained more "points" from people who want to argue these facts, than what she gets from her alt accounts.   Even the real fact that she's in it for the attention, brings in the attention she wants, when people try to call her on her intentions. 

What I want to know is why time and time again, people start going off on her as if they'll be the reason she quits blogging, and runs away with her tail between her legs?   She isn't going anywhere, as long as she has an audience.  She doesn't care if you applaud or heckle her performance, as long as you show up.She will literally say anything she believes will anger you.  She will play dumb, play superior, talk shit about you, your family, your job, your spouse, your dog, as long as you get pissed off about it enough to comment, or give her blogs one star.

Shy has a tendency to ignore people who either know about her plans, or agree with what she says.  This goes on to prove that she's just looking for haters.   If you notice, she has since started to say positive things about me, and my blogs, meanwhile her older blogs were her talking about how much of a low-life I am, or how bad my daddy issues are.  
This website is full of haters.  Full of people who have nothing better to do than to call people fags, or make racially fueled insults.   Shy makes herself an easy target, and you all swarm like flies to a steaming pile of shit.   

When you call her names, you might as well call her a genius. 

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