Shylilazn's Incredibly Cruel And Ignorant Blog

I'm not a writer so please forgive me the errors and meagre writing skills. I want to comment on a blog written here by the user Shylilazn. At the beginning of this blog I'd like to point out that I'm not an expert in psychology. I'm a human being that feels compassion and dislikes cruelty. The opinions written in Shylilazn's blog are not only inappropriate, they also show that the author tries to tell people how they should live.

Shylilazn wrote that overweight children should be bullied by their slimmer peers because that would motivate them into becoming "normal" - by normal Shylilazn obviously means slim. I take it the overweight children aren't normal?

Bullying children doesn't motivate them. They feel belittled and broken. They should slim down and torture themselves to lose weight, because others want to see them different? Who gave Shylilazn the right to speak of overweight children using terms like "fatso" or "pig"? 

People shouldn't be judged by their weight. It's up to the parents to take care of the child's diet, not psychology experts who obviously have no idea about true motivation. Bullying is no motivation.
Uploaded 07/08/2012
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