Shylilazn's Secret Penis

As we all know, shylilazn has an illegitimate baby girl named Willow.  But you see, she is a he. Shy wanted a little girl so she could dress it up, hang out at the malls, mooch food and drinks and act like spoiled bitches. But when William was born a guy, shy lost it as her future as a mall rat was now finished. Most people get a friend to hang out at the malls with, but no one liked shy so she had to make her own girlfriend and groom her just like herself. When Willy came out garnished with a wee willy, shy had to come up with a devious plot. 
So first, little Willy came out of shylilazn. Here is where little Willy entered the world from, thanks to shy's $20.00 quim shots. 


My that's a ... umm, sort of cute baby. Maybe.

As William grew a pair (now refered to him as Willow), shylilazn versed Willow on the virtues of being a girl and taught him how to tape back his privates so he'd look more like a female.Cruel-teacher6_1607939a.jpg

To ensure discipline from her little Willow, shylilazn likes to use the double ear lift, because one ear would be mean.

Yes, life took a turn for shylilazn, but she and Willow have gotten through the hard times and can now look forward to the coming Kanamara Penis festival.

Little Willow started to enjoy being feminine and shylilazn saw an opportunity to make some money by entering willow in a burlesque dance routine throughout all of China, where her roots are. 

Uploaded 07/14/2013
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