So this is the middle of the summer and I AM SICK!  What a great sucking way to spend the hottest days of the year.  In my house, on the couch with snot dripping out of my nose and hacking up a lung. 

I think the welfare cheating granny's kids next door got me sick.  Just living next door to them got me sick.  I just found out the other day that her grandkids that live with her (see previous blog for that) sleep on the floor.  The fucking bitch can't go to Wal-Mart and buy some fucking airmattresses for the future drug addicts?  She is getting money for herself, her rent, and all six kids and she can't provide them with a place to sleep?

Even better, yesterday (the 1st) she took the money and got her hair and nails done instead of taking the kids to get stuff for school.  The fucking priorities of the bitch is appalling!  I want to call the department of family services, but my girlfriend says that we should just stay out of it cause she is scared of what the 60 year old bitch may do.

I had a little bit of hope a few weeks ago when granny said she was moving, but she was full of shit and now they are staying.  I can't wait until winter and all the porch monkeys stay inside.  I never used to think of myself as a racist person before, but every single stereotype is true!  All of these people bitch about how they have no money and want to get out the ghetto.  Well stop buying 30 inch rims and loud stereo/video systems for you 1988 piece of shit and use the money to get out!  These fuckers across the street open up all the car doors and blast shitty ass crap (I can't even call music, cause its just a bunch yelling) at 1 am in the morning.  These fuckers are lucky I do not own a gun, cause since I am sick, I would have shot all of them last night.

These people seriously live like unruly animals.  I thought we were a civilized society, but apparently we are no better than Iraq right now!  These fucking loser gangbangers terrorize our cities and police cannot do anything about it because they are paid off.  Instead of using our military to fuck up another country that has already sucks, why don't focus on making our society stronger as a whole and nuke these fucking lazy ass gangbangers.

Thank you listening/reading my bitching.  Since I am sick, I'm bitchier than usual and I had to get this out!


Uploaded 08/02/2008
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