Pretty fucking boring around here lately.

   A bunch of illiterate morons writing nothing of any consequence, and a handful of the old-timers, seemingly pulling out slowly.

   I've been commenting on Nekos' shit brogs, and even SHE is afraid to call me out. lol

   Of course, she's probably busy using her musical gift to create incredibly complex recordings that will never be used in any commercial form.

   She did learn a new trick, though... How to delete my comments from her worthless brogs. I find it rather amusing that whenever I call her out on some real shit, she deletes the comment.

   I mean, lets face it- if you call me stupid, it doesn't bother me, because we all know I'm not stupid.

   But, if you were to call me out on something that actually hit me where it hurt, THAT would bother me. Unfortunately for all you trolls, you can't do that, unless you guess.

    This is because I'm smart, and don't leave honest personal info about myself on this site.

    Neko? Apparently not so smart.

   We all know that Neko is a group of bored Tweens who have a tenuous grasp on the English language, and goals that are apparently unattainable to them.

   I have clearly Redpunched the Neko machine, and that's that.

   Any future correspondence between Neko and myself will be more of the same, Neko attempting to make herself appear in some way superior, using lies and bragadoccio to create an online persona that it can in no way live up to in real life.

    I won't be around here much (and haven't been, anyway...) but I just wanted to stir up some shit again.

   Neko, you stupid, lying, illiterate, non-musician- Give it your best shot. You have never beaten me at anything, and now I'm having fun.

   Kiss my ass, suck my cock, and know that you will never be anything but an annoyance to me.

   Have a great day, everyone!


Uploaded 08/17/2011
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