Silly retard..

So lately (more like just tonight) some dumbass on here got all pissed off at me for making a comment about so much baseball shit on the site lately. The guy even went so far as to messaging me personally and trying to make fun of me by calling me ugly, and making extremely immiture jokes that I haven't heard since about 4th grade.

The guy totally overreacted.


This entire thing has made me laugh.

Seriously. Everytime he messages me back, I laugh even more at how gay he sounds!

I also find it funny that he's just some newfag collage douche bag that only touches orange chicks with bleach blond hair and fake boobs.



Seriously, this is one of the things he sent me:

"Usually I would apologize to a pretty girl.So Ill let you figure out why Im not apologizing.Baseballs flooding the site beacuse the all- star game was on tonight.A very historcal game at that.Its so mega friggin gay to put your own pic as your avatar if your not smokin hot.Your not even kinda cute.Your walkin on a fine line of ugly and "not with a 10 foot pole" ugly.Just so you know, Im not a little brat.Im probably old enough to be your son, according to your pic, but im more college young, so I know what Im talking about.Feel free to add me as a friend.Im suicidal and your pic FUCKIN KILLS ME!!"


And I know I'm not the prettiest person on earth, and I really don't care that much. I'm not trying to be some superficial gorgeous model type girl. I'm not gonna go out of my way just to impress people on the internet. I'm not here for that.

I couldn't care less if everyone on this site called me ugly. Really.



But oh man, this has been one funny night.





Btw, his name on here is Weloveyourandy

Uploaded 07/16/2008
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