Silly Thoughts. Episode 1

Last week in Silly Thoughts, wait this is the first episode, was no last week, silly thought.

I've been really tired after work this week and went to bed at 7:30pm earlier this week, woke up at 3:00 am. Last night I couldn't get past the 9:00pm mark before nodding off in my chair. So up to bed I went. Woke up at 3:30 am. This is very unusual for me.

A good nights sleep for me is around five hours, if I'm lucky. On weekends because I'm so exhausted from lack of sleep I can usually manage eight in a day but with a waking period between those hours.

This blog on Silly Thoughts is about the time you wake up and the time you are supposed to get up. Usually, that time is reserved for worrying about money, your future, will you end up on the street, is someone trying to break in? If you can get past those concerns, you can turn your attention to Silly Thoughts or try to erase your thoughts and let your brain slowly slip a Silly Thought into your head.

When I was younger, at this stage of rest, just before I fell back asleep, I would get some weird semi-conscious dream that would bring me back to full-consciousness. Some of those dreams were extremely silly and very hard to remember later. The ones I did remember at the time, I thought were revelations and had deep meanings. I would play the thought over and over in my mind so that I wouldn't forget it. By the time I finished my shower I realized my thought was just another Silly Thought.

This morning when I woke up at 3:30am I had a Silly Thought. It was about couples, the number two and procreation and how they are related to each other. I'm sorry if what I am about to tell you makes no sense, but this is after all, Silly Thought. In order to have a larger total you must multiply any given number by at least two. Procreation doesn't take into account fractions, and math doesn't take into account abortions, deaths etc. unless they are a variable, at which in this Silly Thought they are not.

So to increase a total you need to multiply it by two to increase it. Now if you have a couple, two people, you need them to have one baby to increase the total. Therefore two alone does not increase the total it must have one more to make three.

Yet if you multiply two times one you only get two. You must add two to one to get three. So the phrase multiply and go forth in a monogamous relationship would not increase the population. You must go forth and add, to come up with larger populations. After this Silly Thought that lasted for about two hours, I fell back asleep for about a half hour.



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