Simple Day Simple Time...for some Narrated by ADLife

Simple day and simple time for some, but for others the day and the time of this very moment can be life changing....But for Fred, nothing has been ordinary ever since his death.  Working with Fred while he was still alive was always a good time, always a good laugh at that.  There was always a joke and a smile on his face and he put smiles on the face of every person he talked to!!

But as days went along the times became to much for Fred.  What I mean by this is the one that Fred worked with was me.  I was the one that always had a good time because of the person I worked with, until one day, there was a girl named Nichole, she was an ordinary girl to some, A black girl that always had something on her mind, and then that Simple day and simple time for me turned into a not so simple day or simple time.

As she looked for jobs over the internet on the work computer, me being her supervisor, I told her to do it on her own time and thats when it happened, a violent ordianary black girl turned into one of the most dreadfull people does this have anything to do with Fred?  Well you will see.

So after the anger raged up in Nichole there was an arguement between me and her and we had to speak with our higher up supervisor!  It became a matter of racism I automaticly became a racist to her...but to my appeal I ended up being victorious against her...but then Fred.....

Fred is....was a black man.  Very healthy and very stout for his age of 42 years.  He was a nice guy untill I became a racist!  From that very night on it was no longer a simple day or a simple time for Fred, he had become what no one wanted him to become...a very angry and bitter person!  It would be argument after argument with Fred trying to defend my self with the allegations of being racist towards Nichole every single night was a fight of words and almost a fight of fists in some nights.

It was not a simple day or simple time for me or Fred any more...then one day I get the phone call that Fred had died.  Then 2 hours later I had to go to work and what used to be a simple day and simple time was no longer simple because of the arguments and would no longer simple because of his death.  I had made it into work that night, "Fred died of a heart attack" George said "Right when he stepped into his front door"  George said again.  Then my jaw dropped as Nichole walked up and said "Fred said he complained about his leg hurting all night, but said you were a cool guy in his eyes" 

So through the whole night I wondered if things would have became simple again for Fred and I.....what was going on!!  Ever since that night it was no longer simple for Fred anymore, because even in his death he still worked and to this day he still walks the halls of this building, getting on and off of the elevator playing pranks on people and making the elevator doors stay open and closed and even making the elevator stop working while people were on it, but it never happened to me...I knew that for me Fred made it a simple day and a simple time to go to work.





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