Since 3rd Grade...

   Roman and Lindsay had been very close friends throughout grade school and high school.  They told each other everything.  They both had the biggest crushes on each other.  However, due to the importance of their friendship, they never had the courage to push the relationship beyond friends.  Roman came from a very dysfunctional family.  He clung to Lindsay like a life boat in a turbulent ocean.  Lindsay loved to be Roman's keeper, but deep down she knew he was much stronger than she could ever be.  They complimented each other in every aspect.  They both tried to show their independence from one another by dating other people, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and hanging out in other cliques.  They always ended up back with each other, more broken than before.

   After high school, Roman went to a state college a few hours from their home town.  Lindsay was determined to make it alone.  She went to a college several states to the south.  Roman was hurt, but he supported Lindsay.  That's what friends do.  The first semester they hardly talked.  Roman would call Lindsay at night and she was always out.  Lindsay tried to call Roman during the day and he was always busy.  They never synced up.  Roman had new friends and got involved in writing.  Lindsay had new friends and was partying.  They still thought about one another and needed one another.  However, they were determined to show each other how much they didn't need the other.

   The freshman year flew by.  During the summer, they came back home.  They met up and began telling each other how great their first year of college was.  They both embellished their stories and made it sound better than it was; neither one admitting how they missed the other.  Roman told Lindsay that he was only going to be home for a couple of weeks.  He was going back to take a summer writing course.  Lindsay was mad and hurt, but she supported him and wished him luck.  They hung out and talked a lot during those two weeks.  Then Roman left.  Lindsay was alone.

   Their sophomore year started much like the previous year.  The two tried to communicate, but their schedules didnt sync.  Lindsay began partying more and more.  Her grades fell.  By Christmas break, she knew she was going to flunk out.  She packed her stuff and came home, with no plans to return.  Roman was shocked.  Lindsay was always so smart.  He told her so.  She didn't want to hear it.  She was tired of hearing how well he was doing and how many new friends he had.  All she heard was, "I don't need you anymore Lindsay."  Of course, that's not what Roman was saying.  Roman was just as lost without Lindsay, but he was covering better at the moment.  He believed it was his turn to be Lindsay's life boat.  He told her to enroll at his college and he would help her get back on track.  Lindsay loved this idea, but acted indifferent.  She didn't want to appear weak to Roman.

   Lindsay started the following summer.  Roman introduced Lindsay to all his friends.  They had a good summer.  Lindsay got excellent grades and the two best friends were inseparable.  As the fall semester started, a new girl, Jennifer, came into the mix.  Lindsay and Jennifer became close.  Roman was happy to see her making new friends.  One Friday, Jennifer confided in Lindsay that she liked Roman.  Lindsay was furious, but didn't know what to do.  So, she decided to do the opposite of what she wanted.  She set the two up on a date.  Roman really didn't want to go.  He wanted to tell Lindsay he wanted her.  He couldn't.  So he went out with Jennifer.  They had a good time.  Jennifer was very cute and smart.  She had one major flaw.  She wasn't Lindsay.  Roman had been in love with Lindsay since the 3rd grade.  There was no substitute.

   After the date, Roman got back to his apartment and called Lindsay. She didn't answer.  He went to bed thinking about Lindsay.  At 3:00 AM Lindsay called.  She had been drinking.  She said, "Jennifer called me and said you weren't a very good date.  She said your mind was elsewhere."  Roman said, "Yeah.  Maybe.  Why are you calling so late?  What are you doing?"  Lindsay laughed, "Just drinking.  We cant all be as perfect as you Roman.  Why didnt you like Jennifer?  You probably could have gotten laid!"  This pissed him off.  He calmed himself, "Lindsay, I am far from perfect, but I'm not going to go out with your best friend and have sex with her...especially on the first date...especially when I'm not into her."  Lindsay said, "Well I don't know what youre looking for.  What are you looking for Roman?"  Of course, he had an answer but wasn't about to say it.  He said, "I dont know Lindsay.  You shouldnt be drinking by yourself though."  Lindsay thought it was sweet he was worried about her.  The liquor made her less guarded, and before she could stop, she said, "Why don't you come over and keep me company?"  Roman contemplated this.  The time didnt feel right to him, but  before he could stop himself, he said, "OK...I'll come over Lindsay."  He hung up.  Romans heart raced.  Lindsay couldn't believe what she had done.  She was excited, but so nervous.  She had another drink.  She decided to surprise the man she had loved since 3rd grade.

  Roman knocked on her door.  Lindsay answered.  She was wrapped in only a sheet.  Roman asked, "Are you naked?"  Lindsay giggled, "A little."  Roman didn't want it to happen this way.  Lindsay grabbed his hand and pulled him to her bedroom.  She pushed him on the bed.  She let the sheet drop.  Roman was speechless.  Lindsay was beautiful.  He had always dreamed of this moment.  However, he said, "Lindsay we cant."  She burst into tears, "Goddamn you Roman!  What do you want?"  He picked up the sheet and covered Lindsay and pulled her on the bed and he held her tight.  He said, "Lindsay, do you trust me?"  She said, "Yes, but I dont understand you."  Roman thought for a moment and then jumped up.  He left the room for a minute and came back.  He said, "I need you to be my paper."  Lindsay didnt understand.  She said, "What are you talking about?"  Roman said, "Just trust me."  She nodded.  Roman rolled her on her stomach and pulled the sheet down.  He began writing.  It tickled Lindsay at first.  Soon she realized how good it felt; how comforting it was to her.  Roman wrote and wrote.  He turned her over and wrote some more.  He filled her entire body with a storya story of his love for her.  He had never felt closer to anyone.  Lindsay watched him write.  She thought he was amazing.  She had never felt closer to anyone.  After almost two hours, Roman was done.  She looked at the writing and her body.  She asked, "Now what?"  Roman said, "Now I read it to you."  So he did.  Lindsay laughed, cried, and blushed.  It was the best story she had ever heard and it was about her.  When Roman was done reading it, Lindsay pulled his face into hers and she kissed him.  She kissed him like she had wanted to since 3rd grade.

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