Since when is age a handicap??????

I am so tired of the crap being spewed by ignorant individuals. Look I dont care how old McCain is he is in great shape. he will live out his term as president and has already said he will serve only one term. Here is a man who has dedicated his life to his country in every way possible and what does he get? Liberals trying to get him to try caskets on as if they were a pair of pants. Listen and watch this man he is sharp and clear eyed and ready to tackle the job ahead. You dont want him to be president because of his policy's? Fine but get off the age thing. I know he cant lift his arms, so what!!!!!There are many mornings I get up I cant feel my legs because of the work I have done in my life, but I can still function and so can he. Lazy individuals who spout "he is another Bush" have not taken the time to look at his record or maybe they have and that is why they attack his age and disability's. Twenty years ago this man would have been a democrat by today's standards. If you are a democrat then this is your man because he is always willing to cross the line that Obama has NEVER NEVER crossed. If Obama did bother to vote he voted on a STRAIGHT party line. This must be the change thing we keep hearing about. I digress and I am sorry but you see when I want to learn something, most of the time I go to someone who is older and has life experiences and been around for a while. You see age is not a handicap but rather great place to learn something.



Uploaded 09/15/2008
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