Since when is it possible to trip on weed?

Last night me my cousin and my friend bought 100$ worth of Hydro bud, which gives everyone a very unique rush. We got 9 grams of the shit and smoked 5 of it (we are very light-weight) And that got us COMPLETLY FUCKED!!! I remember it felt like i was doing somersaults in there air, and i could barley walk. So then im sitting on my couch right, when suddenly the room seemed different, and i forgot where i was... it semmed SO DIFFERENT, i felt like i wasnt even in my own house... Anyway i was feeling like this for the longest time... I remember i was lying on the couch, and my cousin coughed, and i jumped out of my skin for a moment, it was MAD funny. Then i passed out on the floor, at this point my cousin has a little buzz but my friend is fucked up as well. So im lying there on the floor when all these weird ass images started running through my head, and i felt like ive seen them ALL before. I remember seeing these rocks, but they werent rocks they were like huge ass boulders, and they had faces on them, like they were someones head made of stone. At this point im freaking the fuck out, i cant move at all!!!! i was literally stuck and i felt like i was going to puke. My cousin was trying to keep me calm i kept asking him to check my heart rate because i swear it must have been my muscles twitching but i thought my heart was going 100000000x quicker than normal. I eventually got enough energey to get up and go to the bathroom. I didnt puke, but when i was taking my contacts out, they felt oddly sticky and i had to peel them off my eyes. I noticed that my eyes were not red...but they were PURPLE!!! i was like what the fuck and i went back downstairs. We then played GTAIV which was the funniest thing ever, ever glitch made absolutly erupt with giggles. I then woke up around nine and sprayed the entire basement with febreeze so my mom and sister wouldnt know we smoked...but i will never forget the time i tripped on weed...

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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