Since When is it Right to be Violent in a Modern Society?

I was quite shocked by a recent Dr. Phil show of where a man admittedly beats his wife. I was at first shocked that he calmly admits it as if matter of fact, but the real dilemma revolves more around the wife. 
It is this, the wife is full of contempt and disgust for her husband. She has a vile mouth that would upset any man. Now she realizes that with her husband, if she continues verbally berating him he will eventually lash out in a violent way. He doesn't give her a beating, but perhaps punches her in the arm or kicks her butt to shut her up. Personally, if it was I, I wouldn't have anything to do with her and move far away. However, this couple stays together in this acidic situation.

Does the woman have the right to nag him all day ? I suppose so, no law against nagging that I'm aware of. Does he have the right to hit her? No, that's against our laws and not a solution to the problem.

So who is at fault here? It probably would require the knowledge of intention to get a complete answer. It is possible that she loves to bitch and he can take a lot of it before she gets a rise out of him. Most reasonable men would just leave her, but to her desire, he sticks around so she can scream at him another day, between all the apologies, flowers and make-up sex.

So now lets apply this modern idea of non violence to verbal or ideological disagreement as it pertains to the actions of the Jesus freaks and the reaction from the crowd of Muslims in Dearborn Michigan.

The representatives of  Jesus went to the fair, as allowed under law, to spread their message.  Their actions were provocative but non violent in a setting that would naturally reject them.  Does this give the Muslims or any one else the right to assault them? I wouldn't think so, but apparently some people find it a reasonable reaction. 

As I watched the video I noticed the Jesus people were calm non violent but determined to get their message out. They were respectful of the law and peace officers and even stopped using the mega phone after some discussion. The crowd on the other hand were foul mouthed, violent and full of hatred for the Christians. Of course, this was an expected reaction, so much so, that it is seen as the right reaction by many.

While this may seem innocuous at first we should consider the long term effects this might bare on a society that accepts violent reactions on provocative ideas and actions. For this I look to areas of the world where minority Christians live out their lives surrounded by Islamic populations.  I'm sure the existence of Christians in such settings would be considered an annoyance to many Muslims. Do the Muslim have a right to kill them?  Yes, either by law or authorities ignoring the law they do, in fact it is considered their duty if they cannot convert them. This is not done in a nice way, unless you fall to your knees denouncing Christ immediately. 

Here are some examples from around the world, where just like at the festival at Dearborn, Christians are not welcomed by Muslims. Don't think these kinds of ideas can't come to America or any where else, these reactions are the result of a culture of people who are mobile and able to establish themselves bringing their culture, not American culture, with them. 

France:France: Prior to celebrating mass, four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles at 150 faithful present at the service." They were chased out, although, according to the report, the parishioners, many of whom are elderly, were greatly shocked by the disrespectful act of the youths of North African origin."


A mob of 600 Muslims threw bags of urine, stones, and rotten eggs at the congregation of a Protestant church at the start of Ascension Day service; they shouted profanities and threatened to kill the pastor. No arrests were made. The church had applied for a permit to construct its house of worship five years ago. Pressured by local Muslims, the local administration ordered the church shut down in December 2009, even though the Supreme Court recently overruled its decision, saying that the church was eligible for a permit. Local Muslims and officials are nevertheless demanding that the church shut down.

After protests by hard-line groups including the Islamic Defenders Front, nearly 20 Christian houses of worship were sealed off by authorities on the pretext of ânot having permits. The authorities added that, to accommodate the region's 20,000 Christians, only one church may be built in the district in question.

The Muslim mayor who illegally sealed the beleaguered GKI Yasmin church, forcing congregants to worship in the streets, has agreed to reopen it, but only if a mosque is built next door, to ensure that the church stays in line. As well as opposition from the mayor, the church has faced hostility from local Muslims, who have rallied against them [the Christians], blocked them from accessing the street where the church is situated and disrupted their outdoor services. It is unlikely that they will suddenly embrace the Christians, according to the report.

Kashmir: A Catholic church made entirely of wood was partially destroyed after unknown assailants set it on fire. What happened, said the president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, is not an isolated case, and follows the persecution of a pastor who baptized Muslims. With these gestures, the Muslim community is trying to intimidate the Christian minority.

Kuwait: Two months after the Saudi Grand Mufti decreed, in response to a question on whether churches may exist in Kuwait, that all regional churches must be destroyed, villa-churches serving Western foreigners are being targeted. One congregation was evicted without explanation from a private villa used for worship gatherings for the past seven years; another villa-church was ordered to pay an exorbitant fine each month to use a facility it had been renting. Church leaders reportedly decided not to argue and moved out.

Zanzibar: Hundreds of Muslims set two churches on fire and clashed with police during protests against the arrest of senior members of an Islamist movement known as the Association for Islamic Mobilization and Propagation. Afterwards, the group issued a statement denying any involvement of wrongdoing. 

Eritrea: Activists taking part in a protest outside the Eritrean embassy in London revealed that "Some 2,000 to 3,000 Christians are currently detained in Eritrea without charge or trial".Several Christians are known to have died in notorious prison camps, and thousands of Eritreans flee their country every year, some falling into the hands of abusive traffickers, and are held hostage in torture camps in the Sinai Desert pending payment of exorbitant ransoms, or the forcible removal of organs.

Ethiopia: A Christian man accused of desecrating the Koran spent two years in prison, where he was abused, pressured to convert to Islam, and left paralyzed. Now returning home, he has found that his two young children have been abducted by local Muslims: My life is ruined, I have lost my house, my children, my health. I am now homeless, and I am limping.

Greece: Abet Hasman, the deputy mayor of Patras who recently passed away, left a message to be revealed only in his obituary, that, although born to Muslim parents in Jordan, he was secretly baptized a Christian (demonstrating how some Muslims who convert to Christianity, knowing the consequences of apostasy, choose secrecy). 

Iran: A prominent house church pastor remains behind bars, even as his family expresses concerns that he may die from continued abuse and beatings, leading to internal bleeding and other ailments; authorities refuse to give him medical treatment. Also, the attorney of Youssef Nadarkhaniâthe imprisoned Christian pastor who awaits execution for apostasy was himself convicted for his work defending human rights and is expected to begin serving his nine-year sentence in the near future. Meanwhile, in a letter attributed to him, the imprisoned pastorwrote: "I have surrendered myself to God's will" [and I] consider it as the day of exam and trial of my faith [so that I may] prove my loyalty and sincerity to God." 

Jordan: After the Jordanian Dubai Islamic Bank decreed that all females must wear the hijab, the Islamic veil or be terminated, it fired all female employees who refused to wear the hijabâmostly Christians, including one Christian woman who had worked there for 27 years. There are suspicions that this new policy was set to target and terminate the Christian employees, as it is they who are most likely to reject the hijab. 

Lebanon: A 24-year-old woman, the daughter of a Shiite cleric, who was physically and psychologically tortured by her father for converting to Christianity three years ago, managed to escape and be baptized by a Christian priest, who was himself then abducted and interrogated to disclose the whereabouts of the renegade woman. In like manner, Muslim assailants fired gunshots at the house of another priest and at a church, part of an escalating pattern of violence against local Catholics, in the words of the region's prelate. 

Macedonia: After some Muslims were arrested in connection to a âseries of murders of Christians,â thousands of fellow Muslims demonstrated after Friday prayers, shouting slogans such as death to Christians!, and calling for jihad.

Mali: Ever since the government was overthrown in a coup, the church in Mali faces being eradicated, especially in the north, where rebels want to establish an independent Islamist state and drive Christians out. There have been house to house searches for Christians who might be in hiding, church and Christian property has been looted or destroyed, and people tortured into revealing any Christian relatives. 

Nigeria: Muslim gunmen set fire to a home in a Christian village and then opened fire on all who tried to escape the inferno, killing at least seven and wounding many others, in just one of dozens of attacks on Christians. 

Sudan: Without reason, security officials closed down regional offices of the Sudan Council of Churches and a much needed church clinic for the poor; staff members were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location: Their families are living in agony due to the uncertainty of their fate.

Syria: Jihadi gunmen evicted all the families of a Christian region, taking over all the homes of the village, occupying the church and turning it to their base.

Uzbekistan: Police raided a Protestant house-church meeting, claiming that a bomb was in the home. No bomb was found, only Christian literature which was confiscated. Subsequently, 14 members of the unregistered church were heavily fined, the equivalent of 10-60 times a monthly salary, for an unsanctioned meeting in a private home. Between February and April, 28 Protestants were fined and four were issued warnings for the offence. Three Baptists were also fined for not declaring their personal Bibles while crossing the border from Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan. Fines and warnings were accompanied by the confiscation of religious literature. 

This is the culture you will be accepting when people are not allowed to be provocative because violence is accepted against them. 
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