as of late we have seen a rash of spam blogs, tard blogs, and just plain crap blogs. i miss the days when the worst we had to worry about was the occasional political bickering degrading into name calling and the gay incestual love blogs that still give me the jeebies to this day.

the mods from before did a relatively good job of weeding out the verbal turds and the website was the better for it. were they perfect? by no means. they had their own issues and were known to abuse their power sometimes. but regardless they still performed the function of weeding our little 'blog garden' which helped to keep people interested.

now we find ourselves without the consistent observation of the mods in the blog section. im sure theyre busy doing other things on the site but that doesnt negate the need for their attention. so out of that need i have come to the conclusion that i should be a blog mod. i have been trolling the blogs since the section first opened and the majority of my ereps have come from commenting and blogging. its the only part of the site i really visit. not to mention im on here everyday (bored at work).

so im gonna run my political platform on the basis of no more spam blogs and free beer for everybody. i could be, The Bloginator!!!! i would kick the e-asses of all these crap blogs that have surfaced as of late and would wield my mighty blog hammer with justice.  Vote for sindicate

Uploaded 03/01/2009
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