Sippin On Muh 40 Stayin Strapped At All Times ..

First off Fuck You Tyaeda .. Wtf kinda name is that ... I would hate to find out one of the models i fucked had a name called Tyaeda .. I would probably burn myself with my fucking blunt i smoked with my homeboys err day .. anyways .. I love you haters .. thinking im a lil bitch Who gets no girls .. THATS FUNNY .. matter fact this chick thats suckin my dick right now just bit my shit a little cause she giggled hearing me read that nonsense out loud .. anyways .. All i can think about is fucking shit like protein .. muscle milk .. Crantine .. Weightroom .. Bitches .. Hoodrats .. And my boys on motha fuckin 187th st .. HOLLA .. I dont understand u people nowadays .. u fucking ebaum noobs .. make me sick .. i been on this site since i learned how to roll a fucking blunt .. like 8 years ago when i was just a little ripped kid .. u motha fuckas are still wet behind ur ears .. and Tyaeda is obviously wet on her oversized clitoris .. (from me ofcourse) when i go on the computer and i see all these comments from u pussies it makes me happy . i almost shed a tear threw my stunna shades and shit .. whoever doubts i get cuddy just ask my nigga White_Chocolate .. he litterally was with me when i gang banged some random chick.. oh yeah .. tyaeda i love how u talk shit and block me cause ur scared of the truth .. btw i dont even wear tight pants .. why the fuck would a man with a huge package wear tight pants ? like i said .. come on live chat .. im there 24/7 with muh bitches and ill be there 24/7 till jan 5th .. so fuck off .. Ima put u tyaeda on the probable tranny list that i have here .. anyways this model is gettin mad cause i havent stuck my hot turkey in her oven yet so PEACE MOTHA FUCKAAAS

PS - niggas doubt me when all im doing is trying to get a motha fuckin scholarship and shit damnn.

Uploaded 01/02/2010
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