Sizzled at Sizzler

My mom is good at embarassing people in public. It's just what she does sometimes.

So, 5 years ago during a 10 hour drive back home from Palm Springs, me and the family were hungry and decided to stop to eat in a Sizzler in Gorman, California. So we order food and everythings fine until they give my mom the steak she ordered.

She doesn't like her steak rare, so she sends it back so they can cook it more. When they come back, her steak is burned black and she asks for a new steak. They refuse, but offer to give her the money back instead. This pisses her off and she asks to speak to the manager.

As soon as the manager comes out, my mom starts cussing him out, calling him an asshole and other things that I don't remember. This obviously pisses the manager off and they start yelling at eachother for a few minutes at the top of their lungs. This draws attention from everyone eating at the restaurant. This is kind of embarassing. Me, my dad, and my sister are standing by the door waiting to leave.

Finally, the manager says to my mom, "YOU ARE TWICE THE ASSHOLE I WILL EVER BE!" (sounds funnier because he has a Chinese accent) and ends our misery by kicking us out of the restaurant.

That was the worst public humiliation I've ever been through. Now it's sort of an inside joke. Every time we are on vacation and need to eat, we say "Hey, lets go to Sizzler!"

My mom still doesn't find it funny, but everyone else does.

Uploaded 06/19/2008
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