skills of an inspired gangsta

I honestly believe I have adhd. So life for me needs to be full of challenges and changes. I love structure and a strict schedule (I blame this on my military training), at the same time, I need things for me to be working on getting better at. Right now, I have my attention (for now) set on brewing and straight razor shaving.


My amazing wife got me a brewing kit for my bday/Christmas. I am on the last kit beer it came with, Ive been reading up on how to make brews from scratch. Anyone interested or already into it let me know. My wife set me up a site that Ive been filling up slowly with all kinds a shit. My adhd is kicking in I want to start making moonshine. I need to make a distiller from scratch, no car radiators though, that shit is ghetto.

Straight Razor shavin-

I got a straight razor that you replace the razors in. Which is good because now Ive gotten so good its actually easier then youre typical gilette fusion fancy razor. I think I could start a little barber shop kind of deal when I get deployed. We hate shaving every morning, so shit I wake up a couple hours early and offer shaves for 5 bucks a mug. No razor bumps. What causes razor bumps is if you have that sensitive skin, the multiple blades pull and cut and stretch your skin, no good. Straight razor is a cleaner, more comfortable shave. Just takes a little practice. Not gunna lie, its scary the first time you do it, I was afraid to shave my neck for the longest time. Just start shaving the sides of your face, the easiest part, move on to the upper lips, then the neck. Hardest part I found is the chin and if you got a cut jaw line like me, those edges. I use it to trim up my eyebrows (german dont judge) and eventually Ill use it to straighten up the hair lines, back of the neck etc.

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