Slaying Dragons For What?

Heroes of Norway are in shock after the recent announcement about someone making dragon slaying a part of a Ron Paul campaign. It's not about the fact that you can fall prey to a communist's propaganda. It's about how the people who saved Skyrim from Alduin, The World Eater got treated. Apparently, their brave fight is only a tool, part of a flash game that leads to someone who installed the game (along with the attached malware), that can be downloaded from the distributor's website, slaying a dragon which results in the game developer sending 5 dollars to the Ron Paul campaign.

"Svabol ui nomeno faggotry?" one of the brave people in Sovngarde stated. That's right. What is this gay-ass shit? Warriors, conjurers and sorcerers stand up and direct their discontent towards the mindless drones that want to vote for Ron Paul. 

"You can vote a communist, I don't give a shit. But don't smear the memory of heroes who rose up against Alduin's tyranny! Gormlaith wouldn't want to live in your times. She sacrificed her life in the fight against the World Eater when the incantator used the Elder Scroll. She bought the time needed to deal with the beast with her brave deed. People can be so pathetic when using what others did for them like tools for their despicable goals." - Aela, The Huntress from Whiterun

I understand the anger. As the hero of Norway, I've fought alongside Parthunax, the friendly dragon, when Alduin attacked. I teamed up with a faggot-ass dragon and we still didn't kill that piece of shit. It took like 5 of us in Sovngarde to finally hunt that shit down. And you think it's fun to kill a dragon? Those beasts breathe fire and can freeze you with their ice breath. Can Ron Paul breathe fire? I don't think so.

There's a wise proverb - think, then act. I guess it's not easy for Ron Paul voters to use their brain, after all, they are mindless drone racists voting for a communist
Uploaded 12/28/2011
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