Sleepy Angels

This is a story from when my twin girls were so small maybe three years old.  I loved them so much, but I was just starting the business and had to work late during the busy winter time. My wife is tired, I'm tired and the girls no sleep. I have a break, no one in the restaurant so I run home.

I say to my sweet angels, I have a story to tell you, but you must get into the beds. I tell a story of twin girls, one with a secret and one with no secret. The girl with no secret is jealous of the girl with a secret. The girl with the secret knows she must never tell her secret even if God himself commands it because her dreams will never come true. There is only one way to learn the secret of the girl with the secret. Both of my daughters are like marble statues with eyes wide open. The girl without the secret must dream of the other girls secret. In this way  the little girl's dreams come true, because she never told them and the other little girl learns the secret.

Every afternoon, before work I would whisper a secret into one girls ear and a dream into the other girls ear. I would change from one to the other everyday. I would whisper things like the secret is your mother loves you so much. In the other child's ear I would whisper tonight you will dream that momma loves you so much.

The little girls would be so happy for the sleep, as one would have a secret and the other one would learn of it as long as they dreamed together. I think they know now, but sometimes when I come home early one would ask for the secret and the other will ask for the dream. Sweet sleepy angels dream away for my love will never be a secret for you.

Uploaded 12/18/2010
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