Slow death of the Morality of a Nation

Lets start this by learning the definition of Morality.  

Morality: (from the Latin moralities "manner, character, proper behavior" is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad" (or wrong).
I receive a huge boner when people like to talk about how they are a  good person believe them and their faith or burn for it.  Historically countries that enforce a standard religion fall.  The morality of America is slowly dying through the power of ignorance.  I am not an Atheist nor do I have anything against Christianity. However when you impose your faith in political, governmental, and the lives of other citizens it thoroughly pisses me the fuck off.  So what is the Moral thing to do if someone is practicing their own set of beliefs?  Learn from them you fuck sticks. Don't say they are wrong, unless you been to the tippy top and talked to the man upstairs yourself. I am not talking about the nut jobs who say they have because they prayed for it. I am talking about if he showed up on the late show with Jay Leno and took questions from the audience.  I know some of you will say it is faith based and you believe everything in the Bible.  OK I understand that, however if you have not read it from cover to cover then please keep that latter of the previous sentence out.  Bible in its latin term Biblia, means the volumes, so if you refer to the Holy Bible as the Holy Book, you are wrong that is one strike.  You have to be courteous to other faiths I am not saying believe what they are saying.  I am just offering you the simple test to see if you can expand yourself.  You might learn something.  People we are dying, religious freedoms is one of the main reasons we founded this country, along with taxation etc.. blah blah fucking blah.  If you don't trust someone that doest have the same faith as you, you are a fucktard.  Take the moral high ground, not your personal morals, but for the littoral sense.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say don't see a physician if he doesn't go to church and wears buddha beads.  That dude might lead the world in the act of curing mother fuckers.  Oh and if you do Yoga with your girlfriends, guess what Yoga is the practice of Hinduism so there you are now a Hindi Christian.  Have a nice day.

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