Smelly Farts

Yes, its coming to that time of the year again were my farts start smelling like pumpkins, how do i know this? cause i just farted a little and got a nice breeze of a tiny pumpkin smell.

during the summer it is usually the smell of eggs, cause i like to wake up and make eggs and eat them outside, then spread the smell of eggs throughout the day with my friends by blowing a nice friendly breeze at them, they sometimes like it..... when i dont tell them it was me.

ahh yes the winter, smelly farts is out of the question, to many stuffed noses, this is when i gotta get the powerful stuff, i first start making some beans and while i eat them, yes thats right egg nog. EGG but in liquid form which makes things a bit more smelly, and brings out the festive side in me.


and yes spring, fuck spring that means no more smelly farts, cause winter is gone and the smell of the flowers block out my smelly farts >:(


and remember, "everybody likes their own brand" -fat bastard




sorry im bored and got school tommorow, so im gonna pissed, just me and my smelly farts :(

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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