Smoked Hat bar trick

Want to make some quick money in a bar? They used to cal lthis trick "The Smoked Hat" because it used to use a cigarette instead of a hat, but since smoking has been banned in a lot of bars then this is the way to go. All you need is a hat and enough balls not to fear getting yelled at.


First, go to the bar of your choice and buy a shot. Next, put your hat over the shot and challenge someone to a bet that you can drink the shot without touching the hat. Make the bets small, about $5, and see if you can get plenty of takers. Getting ten guys to put up (and loose) $5 is a lot less likely to get you beat up than tricking one sap out of $50


Next, make some sweeping gestures with your hands and come up with a "mystic incantation" or two...something like "Abra-Kalamazoo... Wibble-wobble... Holy-Harry-Houdini-I-Need-A-Drink!" Then, act like you're swishing something in your mouth and swallow hard. Finish with a distracting "aaaahhh."


Finally, spot the most gullible guy in your vicinity and say " gently lift up the hat!" As soon as he does, grab the shot and throw it back! just drank the shot without touching the hat. Collect your money and hope that you didn't tick off so many people they throw you out.


Uploaded 07/28/2008
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