Smoking is Good For You. All the Experts Agree.

 For many years smoking was sold to the general public as a healthful, cool and dignified thing to do. The cigarette companies would sell their poison using the people we loved and trusted. Even the idea that our babies would want us to smoke certain brands was sold to young mothers.


Many doctors, nurses and dentists were used to sell the noxious weed to the masses. Even Fred Flintstones and Barny Rubble got into the action. Ronald Reagan used to advertise he sent cartons of  Chesterfield cigarettes to all his friends at Christmas time.


It is examples like this that make me skeptical of any big push on any idea that people in positions of trust try to sell to the general public. When I think of how our scientists and politicians are being used to sell the idea of man made global warming, it makes me skeptical. My children are taught these ideas as facts in school and just as the baby sells cigarettes to the young mother, so to do children sell man made global warming to their parents.


This is not an argument for or against man made global warming just an example of the phenomenon. A good con man is a man you trust and he can do irreparable damage to you and your family. The more you trust him the more vulnerable you are. Bernard Madoff   and Charles Ponzi were highly trusted charming men who did a lot of damage to peoples lives. Just something to consider, "the snake charmer owns the snake".

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