Snow, Rudolph, and a Thing on the Head of My Avatar

Hello, everyone!

I actually have time to sit at the computer and write a blog. I will likely stay home from work tomorrow as we have a rare snow storm in the Seattle area. (I'm actually north of Seattle)

All day the news fags have been standing in various neighborhoods braving the elements to report on the HUGE (1-6inches) snowfall.  If more than a few flakes fall in Western Washington they close the schools and have wall-to-wall coverage of the "Arctic Blast" and the nightmare traffic.

Anyone reading this from the plain states or Northeast is laughing at me and rightfully so. We seldom have accumulations of snow here, but to be fair, we DO have more hills than you do in North Dakota and we wouldn't DARE pollute the environment with an SUV so our gay little cars slide and crash...

I have not been blogging much as this time of year is filled with Holiday parties and such. Oh who am I kidding. Like anyone would invite ME to a party.

Actually I have been working on some original Christmas cartoons. I uploaded them tonight. Drawing is difficult for me and I have spent HOURS sketching, rendering, shading... it's been like a big homework project for me over the past couple weeks. My Halloween cartoons earned me a feature so I thought I'd try another round.

I goof on the Holiday shows I remember from my childhood. Back then the number of television options were limited and if we missed Rudolph or Frosty, there was no trying to catch it later on the Cartoon network or on Hulu or YouTube.

Take a gander if you like:

I also re-uploaded my avatar. While I was away, I seemed to have caught the Red-X-in-a-White-Square virus on the head of my avatar. Hopefully I lanced it and my self-portrait in onion is back. Peace all.


Uploaded 12/18/2008
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