So About Some Annoying Youtuber.....

      so here i was looking through some norteno rappers and i left a comment on the page, and some "surena" thought she all gangster. so she got me pissed off after a while, "hoejean" as i should say, would always send me a message that says something like "fuck you potu, souside for life," and she would actually make me laugh. eveytime she send me a message, i laughed and replyed and told her to shut the fuck up and go gangbang and tag up some house instead of typing your 13 in the comments! so i think she is at least netbanging instead of gangbanging, but sadly..... she wants to be a gangbanger, so you know, some life she's got. and another thing, she is so inappropriate, every time she sends me a message, she woould leave something like,"btw, if you read this, you suck big hairy monkey balls,"so that has to be pathetic, hahaha, but i still can't belive her, that's got to be the lamest gangster i've came to know, so if you have a youtube account, leave her a big heavy fuck you on her is her url:     SO THIS IS A BIG FUCK YOU AND GET A LIFE!!! and oh yeah plz comment and rate.....Ü

Uploaded 06/07/2009
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