So, How Fucked Up Are You?--

Hey guys. Was just in a chatroom on, And some dudes were talking about weird ass fetishes.

The dude who was suggesting all the shit to the other dude was saying some stuff like; fucking a chick on a respirator (breathing machine), gas mask,  all sorts of crazy shit.

So Guys, Whats the weirdest shit youve experienced, sexually? assuming you have a story to tell.

as my story, i used to have a girlfriend who was a damn bit on the kinky side. and this is like..the angry sex side. I don't know why, but she liked to beat the shit out of me when we fucked. Like, she'd choke me and shit. and she'd ask me to choke her. and she'd Fucking punch me in the mouth, and ask me to do the same to her.. Kinda got ashamed though, when she punched me in the nose and then called me a pussy when my eyes were watering...

Anyway, got rid of her, she was kind of a nut anyway...i mean, you know, i can tolerate shit like that.. but.. dude.. that bitch was trying to kill me. i prefer normal sex, lets just say that.

Heh. Your Turn.

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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