so i bought an alligator!

or rather, my wife bought an alligator for me ( with my own money, gotta love women).

my birthday is rapidly approaching and she asked me what i wanted. now i hadnt put alot of thought into it but after doing the research online i found someone willing to sell me one thats only two weeks old. its gonna be here in a few days so i went about trying to get an aquarium setup for him that hed be comfortable in.

i bought a 60 gallon aquarium and im going to make it half water half land with basking lamps, water heaters, and feeder guppies. when they get larger they move up to feeder mice then rats so  this should be an interesting pet. i already have a veritable zoo in my house with 2 cats, a rottweiler, a parakeet, 3 slider turtles, and a ball python ( my daughter and wife love animals), so i figured id get one of my own.

then came the thought of "what the hell am i going to do with this thing when it reaches like 50 pounds?" with constant handling they are supposed to be rather docile but im not reall interested in taking a chance with an animal who could take my arm off and my daughter in the house. the running joke was id either put him in the sewer or end up with a new pair of alligator shoes and a wallet.

however i cant be cruel to something ive raised as a pet so through a lucky coincidence i found an exotic animal farm where they take on such exotic animals that people cant care for. so i guess thats what im going to do. i have a few years before it comes to that so in the mean time, my pet is better than yours is!

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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