So I Found Out Why I'm Supposed to be VixenChan.

There's been a lot of buzz lately about how I'm supposed to be this new girl, VixenChan.

Vix is a good friend of mine here, and contacted me via Meebo with some interesting news. A mod (who will remain unnamed) told her the user Mizuka is incredibly jealous of her. As a result, Mizuka (someone I've never really spoken to before) has been telling my few haters that Vix and my IP addresses are the same, and therefore, we are the same person. As a result, these retards have been going after poor Vix, since they'll believe anything.

One of these morons has even gone as far as going alt-rating apeshit on Vix's first feature gallery, using massive amounts of time and energy to 1-star her feech with dozens of alts - why? Cuz she thinks Vix is me, and to this loss, I'm always worth wasting hours of time and energy.

Here's a copy of the feature comment Mizuka left for the purpose of getting the right losers going on Vix:

3:04am VixenChan: She was because Whalley kept saying I was you then Mizuka came in and said something along the lines of "well as a mod I can't give out her personal information but I can say that vixenchan is holding an old grudge with shylilazn. oops, did I say that?"

Of course, there is no way Mizuka would know either of our IP's at all. I'm not sure if Mizuka is a mod or not, but either way, the fact is a mod has no way of knowing who's alts, if any, belong to whom (this is directly from the unnamed mod). Also? A mod can't check and compare IP's unless in LiveChat...

Which means, to you retarded haters out there - Mizuka's been fucking with you for days. In fact, Vix lives in So Cal while I'm in NY.

Mizuka? I dunno what this mod knows about you that would lead him to tell Vix you're jealous of her, or why - but next time you have a problem with a user? Leave others (like me) the fuck out of it.
Uploaded 04/13/2013
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