so i have just now decided to write about something new

ok so yeah i just downloaded some Rammstein german music and its pretty bad ass i must admit. and im laying on my bed talking on my cell to my ex gf whos having bf problems. yeah yeah she always comes to me for this shit cuz i was her first love/sex. we dated for 3 years blah blah blah newho.i made some soup ealrier as noted on my earlier blog.....mmmmm its good even like 5 hours after i cooked it and it got cold and i re-heated it. haha damn i am being so random i cant even stand it. im about to grab me a monster khaos flavored energy drink. mmmm those are damn good at 1 am in the morning. atleast thats what time it is here. and damn can anyone tell me where i can find a 2000 honda civic si with a v-tec dohc motor and its gotta be a 5 speed with less then uhm 80k miles. ok enough about my car that i want......o and dont fucking rag on me about it being a "rice burner" idc if it is its cheap on gas and i like them. but yeah this drink is good and family guy went off and american dad is on. i cant beleive that i just walked through my house and my g parents are still up. kinda weird its effin 1:10 am. damn ADLUT SWIM rocks.......i want some robot chicken to come ex gf is asking weird ?'s like the "what if" kind of ?'s i dont like it and i just made her stfu haha cuz im a dick i dont like to think about that kinda of shit. ok so now the some amerika by Rammstein just came on and its awesome. now shes making me feel like an asshole bringing up stuff about when i hurt her feelings and stuff. gah zzzz killed my buzz totally.  and damn that drink is cold i just spilled it on me.....if your reading this still i feel sorry for you because i know i have changed so much abck and fourth betwen shit hahaha. sorry for that but im done now i think cuz im totally bored with typing

Uploaded 07/28/2008
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