So I just came in here to say what the hell guys

Ebaumsworld is a good place. The users need a kick in the ass.

I used to go on here since the good old days. I visit almost daily, except I rarely log in. Some videos are good, some are bad, but if there is a common theme that has held since about 2008/2009, its that the comments are constantly filled with fucking garbage. Endless shit, going on about absolutely fuck all, nothing but senseless banter/weird faggotry.

I can't really expect for it to disappear, this is now a website dominated by windowlicking retards. Almost every single person on here knows it. You go through any video comments, there's at least 20+ pages filled with shit not even related to the video.

There's way too many users to list. Why? Cos I guarantee at least half of the accounts are alts or just secondaries to get eReps or some shit like that. I seriously can't believe that most people don't even bother to downvote all of the random shit these people type like on reddit or something, i guess its because we've stopped caring and let the fatfucking nerds take over.

It used to be so much better, but as we all know good things are never meant to last, and this website serves as a weighted testament. I call for a mass pruning of spammers or a system to be set in place to delete alts and trim this fucking hairy asshole of a website down to an acceptable level again.

Share your meaningful thoughts below. If you came here to spam, I hope you burn in hell, you fucking fairy.

Uploaded 02/06/2012
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