So i ran my dads friend over....

Last night me, my brother and my parents went to a lil bbq. me and my bro only went cuz there were supposed to be other teenagers there... there werent... but there was an atv... my brother only went on the atv once cuz hes a pussy. but i was on that thing all friggin night... the atv gets lugged out and started up at about 7:30 and at first i was a little nervous cuz i hadnt been on one of these things for like 5 years but i got on anyways and i went for a little ride... course they forgot to tell me that the left brake was the rear brake so i almost flipped over. So an hour goes by, dinner gets served, i take many more atv rides and do many powerslides and even go of of the shitty jump a few times... later at night the fires goin and everyone is sittin around it, i decide to go for one last ride... so i do a few powerslides and im goin for the jump (wich is only 5 feet away from the nearest person at the campfire....and btw is made out of a 6x6 wooden slab and a door....) at the last second i realize that im at a bad angle and i try to go around it but my right front wheel still clips it and somehow my left front wheel locks into the wheel well and i lose all control... as you have probobly guessed im pretty much headin straigt towards the people at the campfire.... So i hit my dads friend scott in the back and he goes flyin....Straight at the right side of the fire....

me: Oh SHIT!!!

Scotts wife: Scott! Scott!

Everyone else: Shit!

so scott lucky him lands right next to the fire and manages to roll away from it...

i got the av stopped right after i hit him but not before i ran over his dogs tail so i go find te dog and bring him back ad ask scott if hes ok.... hes fine.... so is everyone else.... so after a minute of losing my head over almost killing this guy i get back on the horse and go for another ride...

oh and on another note.... the same dog that i ran over stole my hotdog during dinner so he had it coming

Uploaded 08/03/2008
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