So I read a blog written by an idiot...

First, I want you to know, I am sending a copy of this blog to BurningCross. I want this guy to see that he is stupid as hell...

I was surfing through the blog section and I came across a blog written by screen name burningcross. What an idiot. First he thinks that there is a n*gger race. problem there is a n*gger is actually defined as an ignorant person. Not a black person. so there is not an ignorant race. There are in all honesty ignorant people, and this burningcross is one of them. Another thing is he calls black people wild animals and asks when they learned how to use computers. I have to ask when did he actually crawl off his sister long enough to write a blog about hating black people? My favorite part is when he was bashing on how a black individual would talk (IE saying "what up nigga?" instead of saying n*gger). I laughed at the fact that he couldn't even spell. This is a copy and paste of what he typed... quick to call us whiteboy but if we say n*gger they flip out the n*ggers now a days werent even involved with any type of slavery so they should shut there moulths and start acting like civilized people and get a education.

That was wrong on so many levels. First, white boy is two words. Not one. Second, they may not have been involved in slavery, but they do still have to deal with stupid pricks like this guy. Third, what is a moulth? i have never heard of this yet alone how does one go about shutting it? Lastly, if you want to bash on someones education, you should probably get one yourself. Its not "a education", its "AN education." Not to mention, our country is being ran by a black guy, and he is actually very intelligent. I didnt vote for him, but apparently the whole country thought he was the man for the job. I have to ask you directly Mr. BurningCross, what do you think civilized people act like? Scared little rednecks that burn crosses? Or maybe like a racist punk that likes to act like a little bitch? Grow the eff up and quit being a bitch.

I love that he even makes points in his blogs about how useless black people are. I will tell you now, little scared bitch, look at your history. A lot of the things you use and enjoy every day were invented by a black person. Shut the eff up and cut your own throat. You belong on one of those burning crosses. burn and die.



Uploaded 02/25/2009
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