So I was really stoned and...

I saw this bag of Jalapeno & Cheddar Doritos that gave me the huge munchies. My dad was also heating up a (holyshitwut?) meat pizza. Buut... to bring you back up to date...


A few hours ago, maybe 4 - 5 hours around the time I was typing this,  I had a phone call from my friend. He asked me if I wanted to hangout at his place and smoke a spliff. He wanted me to come with my grinder. So I asked him why. He replied that he didnt come around to get himself those awesome grinders that grind awesome. The one I have is a small pocket grinder with a Playboy bunny logo on the grinder and a copper-ish color. What I like about it so much is that it grinds like.. really well and the edges have small indents for your fingers. I got to his place, he took his tools and we walked to THE rolling spot. The spot for pot. But you cannot smoke pot in the spot sadly enough.  Then we went to THE spot to smoke pot because we can't smoke pot in THE spot because as you know; you can't smoke pot in THE spot.


Arrived at the spot, my friend showed me the spliff... HOOooooly crap bro. It was 2 paper wide but REALLY stuffed. Don't take me wrong, I've done a LOT bigger... 420 on Mt. Royal guys... C'mon. Blunts of all flavors  and all filled to MAX capacity. 7 paper long joints... Might have done longer ones but by then I was to stoned to remember... but I do remember I had a fucking awesome time.


Back to subject, so he light the joint and then the magic took slowly it's effect. It tasted a little like blueberry and had the effect of blueberry but I knew it wasn't blueberry. So I asked him. He told me with was shooted M39. Man was I stoned... I hung out with my a friend a little then I came back home to eat.

Arrived at home, I had some Doritos and that pizza. The pizza kind of sucked... Once I was done I went back on my laptop to do some stuff. My friend calls me again to go smoke another spliff. Naturaly, I accepted. I rush my ass back to his place and he rolls another joint the size of a log. I was almost KO'ed by then. I was so high I started beatboxing and freestyling... which I only do when I'm wasted because that's where I'm very creative.


When we were done, we walk back to my place so I can go take my shower and go to bed because I had school the next morning but on the way back I ran into a friend we haven't seen in like a month. We decided to roll another spliff to celebrate that. Again... my friend rolls a joint but has an excess grinded up already... so he decides to add some more to it and rolls 2 logs... By then all I can pretty much do is follow them and say was " Yes, No and Toaster". We light up a joint, it all goes away in smoke. Few minutes later, we light up the other and it all goes up in smoke again.


But that's not it... By then I was really really stoned. I was slurring my words. I was saying all types of stuff that didn't make sence. So we decide to head back to my friend's house. He decides to roll a double L 2 paper long doobie of some stuff he grew that was really good. We light it up and start puffin'. One of the guys eventually vomits less then half way through the spliff. So we ended up 2 on that joint. By the end of that joint, which lasted like what seemed to be forever until pieces of burnt roach was going down my throat, my eyes were so small and red you would have thought I would have had a cumshot in my eyes, I was barely able to stand, let alone walk, and I was stopping mid sentence to laugh and forget what I was saying. My friend thought I was having a Salvia trip for a while. When it was time for me to leave, my friend wanted to follow me home because he thought I would lose myself... even if it's less then a block away from my house.


I came home and I finaly took my shower and went to bed. I have to admit it's stressful to remove contact lenses when your eyes are very red and you're very stoned.


This morning I woke up with a bad case of cotton-mouth and a headache. 2 tylenols and a bottle of water later, I was ok.


By the time I actually finished writing this, my night was starting again and that means more ganja to have fun with.


BTW most of this was written while I was stoned.

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