so i was thinkin

   So i read this thing on cnn website about how stephen Hawkins wrote a book where he says that god is unnecessary, and a whole shitload of people were all pissed at him for saying that and shit.

   so heres my question? hawkins says that gravity created all this shit i think, and what i want to know is, if its all gravity an  no god, how the fuck does the world keep spinning genius?

   i mean for reals, gravity makes the world spin around? that sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. I mean i know im no science guy and all that shit, but it seems pretty obvious that if there wasn't no god, theres no way the world would keep spinninng around in circles. we all know gravity is what keeps us on the planet. so where does gravity come from?

   look, i am a regular guy with a regular job. I'm proud of wehat i do, and im proud of BEING proud of it. Im defiately no genius, but I think i can get this at least.

   stephen hawkins is pissed because he caught lou gerrigs disease, so he wants to spread the hate. I even get that.

   but fuck, that dood has way outlived what they all said he would, and he already knows we all know hes super fucking smart, so why lie like this?

   i remember learning aboiut the greek gods in hs, and they talked about that one god that kept the world spinning. I believe in him more than i believe in this crap.

   Whatever. most of you idiots too stupid to even know what the hell im talking about.

   fuck stephen hawkins and his robot fucking mouth.

Uploaded 09/19/2010
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