so i was tripping on mushrooms

so my brother and i eat like an eighth of mushrooms he bought of some guy at his work and they were fucking crazy.

it all started out well enough we had the giggles and were amaszed at the different colors the walls changing into.  had to let my dog out so i put him on his chain and waited on the washing machine for him to be done. when i started to feel like headed. 

tried to get down so i could lay on the ground untill it passed but was a little to slow.

when i jump down from the washing machine i started to fall face first into the dinning room table and took out a chair. 

just so you know the rest of what happens was told to me.

then i got back up and tried to reach for somthing that was not there and fell yet again into the dishwasher.  

again some how i got back up and went to the frig to get something to drink and started to fall back and grabbed the frig and fell straight back onto my head. 

my brother caught the frig just before it fell onto me and was trying to get me to respond.

he said that it looked like i was going into a cesura and was trying to hold my tongue with his finger so that i did not choke on it.  

when i finally came to my head hurt and i was sweating profusely and was extremely pale.

needles to say i am glad not to be dead and not to be in the hospital 

thank god he did not call 911

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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