So I'm going to be a best man

My buddy who is in the Navy gets some time off in December and he decided he wants to spend it getting married. A few of our friends were a little pissed about him scheduling the wedding on the 27th. Not only is this around Christmas time, but it is a very important weekend in the NFL.


To the point of the blog now, he asked me to be the best man. When I accepted I didn't think too much about what this meant. (He asked me a month ago) Well I got to thinking about it about a week later, and I called him up and asked him if he wanted a bachelor party. He surprisingly said no that he wanted to spend the time before the wedding with his fiance's family instead. So, I cracked a few jokes about how just a year ago he was using every drug he could get his hands on, and how lame he was being. Then he addmitted that he wasn't allowed to have one. After laughing at him I told him he was beyound whipped.


Ok now to the real point of the blog. Today I realized I'm suppose to give a speech at the reception. Here's the thing though. My friend and I have known eachother all our lives, but I have never met his fiance. See he met her two months before he joined the Navy. Save your comments of "They've known each other for two months and they're getting married?" I know it's dumb. They're dumb, but their in "love".  So I'm not sure what to do about the whole speech thing. I've only talked to this girl once and she was bitching at me over the phone because I was telling him that he should break up with her before he left for the navy.


So any advice on the speech? Should I talk about her? I was thinking about reccommending that her dad give the speech since he knows both of them. I'm just not really sure what to here.

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