So i'm kinda perplexed..

I decided to keep that guy i'm hooking up with around. though especially now that he's home for break, he's been acting really boyfriendy. he constantly is asking me to go out with him, but i just want the relationship where if we both are at a party, let's go for it, but i don't want to go out specifically to hang out with him. and now he suggests going to dinner and actually spending quality time together. i mean what is that??? haha but seriously i don't know..

The other day we went to Green Turtle. it was ok, but we could barley find things to talk about. 90% of the conversation was small talk..he did pay for me which was nice and he even tried to hold my hand walking back to our cars but i kinda acted like i was reaching for my purse..

So here's a fun little embarasing story from that night..after dinner we went to our friends house. i thought it was going to be a party, but it was me and like 10 of his guy friends, and i knew like 4 of them. it was still fun though. here's my mistake. i can get high and then drunk, and be fine. but if i get drunk and then smoke good..

Well that's what i did and at like 2:30 we headed back to keith's place because i was in no shape to go home. well we get inside and up to his room and guess what happens? right in the middle of bumpin uglies.."keith...", "yea?", "i think i'm gunna puke.." so he get's up and runs and gets his trash can and i blow chunks, naked, in his bed..luckily i made it in the trash can. probably every guys worst nightmare haha..but he was really nice about it. he was just like lets call it a night.. and stroked my hair and what not.. it's his turn..something about him. he has a low tolerence when it comes to him orgasming. which i always thought was shocking because hes a really good looking guy and there's no way he's not hooking up with girls all the time. but for some reason, in the hour we have sex or so, he'll come like 2-3 times. it's weird.

well...the next morning we decided to pick up where we left off. he came, whilst eating me out...there was no penis contact from me nor him, nor of any kind. he was eating me out, then suddenly started coming. it was the weirdest thing i've ever seen. and it was sooooo akward while it was happening because he was clearly embarassed and i was just in shock..

then to top it off once we started having sex again, after 5 minutes he was ready to go again..he's rediculous..

it's funny now though and i thought i'd share..

Uploaded 12/19/2008
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