So lets get your opinions

A friend of mine just moved in with me, because him and his wife were having some marital. And recently my pal has decided to get a divorce, she was out dating other guys, and getting all kissy  faced with a co-worker.

So, what pushed him to want to get a divorce was that mysteriously another mans penis fell into his wifes vagina. Yes folks, that was her explanation. It started so innocently she was wearing her panties and this guy was wearing his boxers and was on top of her, and before she knew it his penis slipped.

Yes she said the penis slipped. Like Oops how'd that get there? It must not be my lucky day.

Needless to say nobodys buying the story, but would any of you? Can any of you think of a situation that would call for a guy and a girl to be in nothing but their underwear laying on top of each other in bed in a non sexual way?

I'm going to print all comments on here and show them to my friend and his soon to be ex, so get creative, get brutal, get nasty.

Uploaded 09/05/2008
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