So many Obama bashing blogs but where is the other side?

Back in 2000 I greatly respected McCain.  I thought that he was a much better candidate than Bush and possibly even Gore.  He was moderate and did not conform to many of the popular Republicn beliefs, however in 8 years McCain has changed from a respectable man to one of the most ridiculous politicians.

McCain has changed his position on so many of the major issues in politics.  From 2000 when he was a moderate Republican, to now where he would do anything to appeal to the Republican base.  A) McCain used to oppose Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy but recently reversed his decision.  B) In 1999 McCain said that Roe vs Wade should not be overturned because it would then force women to undergo illegal abortions, however he has expressed his unequivocal  support f overturning Roe vs Wade.  C) He has said and I quote “I am going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics that I do about military and foreign policy issues.  I still need to be educated”… He then later denied saying this.  D) He has said that he is totally against and always has been against privatizing social security, yet in the past he has been completely for it.  E)  To win over Florida voters he has pledged to do everything in his power to save the everglades, yet he not only opposed $2 billion dollars worth of funding that would have gone there he also backed Bush’s veto of the bill.  F)  In 2006 and prior he stated how he constantly voted against repeals for the Estate Tax, but then in 2008 he called the tax, “one of the most unfair tax laws on the books”. G) In 2000 McCain was a strong opponent of Ethanol as an alternative energy source, but then in 2006 he changed his beliefs and said that it was a vital source of alternative energy.  H)  In 2006 McCain stated that we should acknowledge Hamas and will have to meet with them to work things out, but now he is severely criticize Obama for his willingness to meet with “terrorists”  I)  On April 17, 2008 McCain stated that he believed that the majority of Americans were better off then, than they were 8 years age, but just the next day he stated that under a Bush Presidency Americans are worse off than they used to be.


I     I can go on and continue to list the many areas where McCain has changed opinions and beliefs but personally that stuff is extremely boring, but there are two last things that I wanted to mention.

       McCain cheated on his old wife while she was in a wheel chair with Cindy who is probably one of the dirtiest people that I know, if you want to know why then just ask. In addition, I brought up in my last blog McCain’s affiliation with the “Keating 5.”  Even though he has been cleared from all charges, his association with this seems somewhat questionable.  I will go into detail later if need be but I do not want this blog to carry on. 

As you can notice I did not mention any of his current stances on issues and how they will affect people but lets put it this way:  If you like being able to afford health care, if you like having the opportunity to go to college or if you want to solve the economic crisis that afflicts our nation, then vote Obama.  McCain’s plans will worsen our economy till the point when his “expertise” in warfare will be greatly needed because then other countries will attempt to take  advantage of an United States that is crumbling from the inside.

The sad thing is that I have barely touched upon the surface of McCain's policies and politics and I know people will be able to find flaws in my blog, but I will do my best to back up my points and refute all other arguments.  But what pisses me off about America now is just how so many people are closed minded and nothing that can be said will change them of their opinion, even if they are completely wrong.


For some reason my last blog had something weird happen to it and tons of commands that messed it up, and even though this is not copypasta I do not know what happened. (Maybe it was because I wrote it in MS word then transferred it here)  So hopefully this works. Ciao



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