So Motherfucking Excited

Hello again! I don't understand me. I always come back and say I'm gonna try and become an active member of this horrible, horrible community and I never do. Sort of like when I tell my Bastard child "Sure I'll pay for your chemo". 
So since I've last come on some shit has happened. Girlfriend of four years and I split, when you've been dating since Sophomore of highs chool into Sophomore of college and you break up, that can be devestating. Luckily, I have found the solution. Well two solutions. Alcohol and Metal music. Apply as necessary.
As for alcohol, I am not of legal age in the US...far be it for the US to comply with international policy on alcohol and still keep the fucking drinking age at 21...I digress. But because of that idiocy I got a citation for underage consumption. I'm fucking 20.  The best part was I WAS SOBER. I had one beer in my hand and they didn't even bother to breathalyze me. This didn't seem to matter to the judge who gave me a fine totaling 400 dollars. A huge sum of money for a college kid.  I also got my license revoked for three months and, being a delivery driver, that makes me very well fucked for this christmas break coming up. So no money, no job and no car. But I'm in a band! Which is botht he shirt I'm wearing and my next point.
I am in a band, called War of the Roses which is actually doing fantastically. (Shameless plugging here: ) We got an offer to open for God Forbid on New Years Eve which we unfortunately had to decline on BUT our EP is just getting finished and we found out that an East Coast tour will be happening this summer. I shall let this community as well as everyone i have ever met and their fucking cousins know when, where and who we wil be playing with. So, some good and some bad for me recently. Discuss.
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Uploaded 12/16/2010
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