so my friend tazed my balls.



I just figures i'd write a little something for everyone. This is a blog about something that happened to me about 4 years ago now lol.

I was 15 years old, and my buddy Mike got a hold of a tazer.. little handheld motherfucker.. still to this day im not quite sure how he got a hold of it.. but who cares lol. Anyway, so we  turn this little fucker to half power... about 200-250k volts.. and we took turns tazing eachother lol.. i nearly shit my pants, prolly would have if my asshole wasnt didnt tighten up so much that air molecules couldnt even pass through it lol. i dont know if you've ever been tazed... but it hurts lol... but its fun nonetheless.

So, we're taking turns tasing eachother... after a couple hours we stop... Mike is currently paying Jak 3 on my ps2, sitting on my bed.. wooden frame, droors under it.. you know, that sorta thing.. the door to me room is open, soi didnt hafta open my door to sneak up on him... luckily =] lol. i turn my new little friend up to 3/4's power.. about 375k.. poor mike.. he doesnt suspect a thing lol. He's playing my game, and i sneak up on the side of him.. get it ready.. and taze the side of his head/ear lol. oh u should have seen the look on his face. priceless... anyway.. my controller ejects itself out of his grip as he flops onto the floor and starts to spaz out lol. on the way down he smashed his head on the side of my bed.. the wooden part lol. so now hes spazzing out on my floor.. bleeding. and pissing himself. lol. After about 45 minutes of this he finally gets himself together and tells me he'd get me back... i didnt think too much of it..

boy was i mistaken..

3 o fuckin clock in the morning.... THREE o FCUKIN CLOCK.. in the morning... and im sleepin in my boxers... one foot up on the wall, one foot off the side of my bed... so theyre spread... and my fucking douchebag friend decides to turn the tazer up to 500k volts.. and then tazes my fuckin balls. he decides to taze my left nut.. fucker.. i jump about 3 feet out of my bed and fuckin start spazzing out.. i peed myself. it sucked. but it was good.. lol. a good come back.. an hour later im back to myself... and the twitching finally stopped... and i told him id get him back.. and i did lol


3 days later.. its 330 in the morning... and im mixing up a deadly cuncoction for my "friend" mike..  elmers white glue.. a bottle of super glue.. crazy glue.. gorrilla glue.. and some other adhesives =] in a tupperware bowl.... mixing and stiring.... my buddy mike is sleepin in his boxers like usual.. its his turn to have the bed. i take the glazing brush my dad used to glaze chicken n shit like barbeque shit? ya know? and used that to apply the gluey stuff.... glued his armpits down.. elbows up, fingers together.. toes together. knees together... glued his lips shut... and the backs of his ears to his head.. waited for it to set... and punched him in the stomach. lol. he woke up with a shot, tried to go after me and fell flat on his face lol. couldnt even yell at me cuz i glued his mouth shut lol. 

It took him 6 hours in the shower for everything to come off... he was still kinda sticky for about a day or two afterwords... it was great lol

 ahh.. the good old days...

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