So this world isnt what i expected

I think alot. Many would say I overthink things, and you know what? I agree. I do overthink things, but I believe it is a good thing. I think I've learned alot from thinking to much. Like look how much money we give to candidates for elections. Millions, practically billions, and the money goes to ads to putting the other down. I agree with one candidate on change. I believe change is best for our country, but most importantly, it's more important for our homes. The home we call Earth. We have to be the voice that says something, we need to pave the way. Excuse me, the road has already been paved, but it's been paved with corruption, greed and power. We need to stand up to that, we, the people of this planet need to stop being selfish and greedy and finally think of others. Is it not our patriotic duty to help others? Is it not what makes us "good" people? "I believe all people are good at heart." such beautiful words and I could not agree more with Ms. Ann Frank. If one candidate deceided to throw all his monet to the cause to find a cure for cancer, I'm sure within a few years it will be found. I also believe actions speak louder than words, so in doing that simple, yet effective act of kindness will maybe not get you the presidency but, you will have gotten something much greater out of it, the joy of knowing you just saved billions of lives. Who knows, maybe the next thing you know, you're in the oval office. But hey, it's up to you to decide. When I look around the halls of vo-tech I see no hatred. I no not see any fights, I see common curtesy, I see respect, and for that, I am grateful. We all may have many different views, but why can't we all just put that aside and look at people as just people? It's what I do, and as I may not be the most popular guy, at least I know your words of malicious intent will not bother me. If you respect me, I respect you. We are all of different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different tastes of music, of chlothes, religion, of anything you can imagine. But we all come together when we see hope, because in a time like this, we can all use a little reassurance, right? So I ask you, as a classmate, as a friend, as a boyfriend/Fiancee, as a son, as a student, as everything I am and will become, do not let your hope die, keep it alive and well. Because physical pain will lose effectiveness other time, but the strength and power of words will always hold true.

Uploaded 10/14/2008
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