So today I was ice fishing...

Today was a complete shit day for me. First of all the snow we have on the lakes is melting so its basically like clay now and it just sucks to ride snowmobile in and what not.

Well I get out to my fish house with a good friend of mine, we are spearing (fun as SHIT) and the dumbass was texting and *bloop* drops right into the spear hole (my spear hole is about 3x3, and the lake is about 7 feet deep) anyways we can see his phone on the bottom of the lake, but no way of getting it out.

I laughed while he basically yelled his guts out. It was great. Anyways about 10 minutes later and monster northern pike came into my spear hole, so I throw my spear at it...miss. It comes back about a minute later (dumb fish) and yet again I miss again. I literally screamed... I was pissed.

And then later that day another monster came in, it was bigger, and it was too far out to spear and it never came back. I was pissed yet again.

Oh well, I speared a 7 pounder and my friend got a 5 pounder that day so it's all good.\

Minnesota rules.

Uploaded 12/26/2008
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