So today. was the most uncomfortable day of my life.

I went to a church event with a friend of mine. Now mind you, i'm not the most religious person, and hate to be pigeon-holed into religions. So i tell my friends im secular. Course the kids my age are wayyy too dumb to understand what that means, but that's off topic. So anyway. We watch this corny ass movie, and after it the pastor asks would anyone like to accept jesus christ into their heart today? and my friend pushes me into the aisle. and the pastor looks at me and says. son would you like to join this church, and accept jesus? and i'm like well. not really. and the pastor looks at me dumbfounded. and he goes well what do you believe in? and i say well im secular, and i choose to stay religion free as to avoid offending anybody. i believe in a god sure. but not yours. and he goes well you're going to be damned to hell. and i was like. well because of that sentence so are you. I'm pretty sure judging thy fellow man is a sin, and yer god doesn't like that. so i'll see ya down there. and everyone gasped and stared a hole into my forehead. 




thanks for reading


Uploaded 07/20/2009
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