So tomorrow is my birthday!

So tomorrow is my birthday, yay me.  I am really pissed off about it, and the worst part is that I was actually looking forward to my birthday this year.  Normally I just let them roll by without any fan-fair because they usually suck.  I dont get what I want or need and I have to do some stupid activity that I hate.  This year was supposed to be different, I now have a one year old son who has just figured out that he loves cake and opening presents.  I was really excited to watch him smile and laugh and then play with the boxes and such.  Now this is where my excitement was shot right between the eyes, my darling wife had been teasing me for some time about how she was going away for my birthday this year and I thought she was just messing with me right up until last wknd when she got her confirmation for the cottage she had booked for her and her friends for the wknd.  This pissed me off all kings of crazy because for her last birthday I really went above and beyond the call of duty for her.  I arranged a surprise party for her, got all of her friends to come, I did all the work (cooking, cleaning etc).   The wknd after the party as a continuation I took her to the city a nice romantic dinner and to see the play of DIRTY DANCING, her favorite movie and to top it all off I didnt even make a play for sex as gratitude (we did have great sex, but she didnt feel like she owed it to me).  My last birthday she fucked up royally and promised to correct it this year, she decided it would be fun to go clubbing and dancing.  Now these are two things I do not do, I hate people and everybody in these clubs fall into the category of the exact type of people I hate.  I actually ended up getting in 2 fight because some of these young drunk piss-ants couldnt keep their shit together and I handed their asses to them in their spilt cups!  To try and make up for leaving she decided it would be a good idea to invite all of our family over to our house for dinner tonight, that is like 16 ppl and remember that I hate ppl especially my family.  I hate going to see them individually let alone trying to entertain all of them at once at my house after I have been working all day, shoveling out the driveway twice and commuting to and from work with full knowledge that I have to do it all again tomorrow.  For dinner she decided to cook a beautiful roast I have been saving for special occasion and she has decided to ruin it by putting it in the oven to cook.  I hate oven roast, I love BBQ roast which was why I bought this piece of beef.  She says she does not have time to babysit it on the bbq and the oven would have to do.  So now not only do I have to deal with my family all night I have to eat an overcooked meal that I will not even enjoy.  Plus now I am watching my son all wknd by myself (not usually a big deal) but thanks to a particularly frigid cold snap we are currently going through I cant do anything fun because his young lungs cant take the cold for too long, no snowmobiling, no off-roading,  no getting drunk or high.  All we can do is stay in and watch movies.  I am open to any suggestions of how to properly get back at her but please keep in mind that I do love her and dont want to harm her (much) but I do want to see her squirm.


I am JACES and I approve this message.

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