So we are at this resort....

My husband and I are staying at Daytona's Ocean Walk Resort in the presidential suite for a week for Thanks Giving, and we have a lot of our friends with us to enjoy the time. Now the purpose of this blog is to enlighten you about your "God Liberator", to show you exactaly how uncouth he is....I guess he's just being a man but dear lord.


We have been up since 6AM and we went to the gym downstairs, we stayed there for about a hour and a half when we decided to just wait for the activities center to open up so we can pick up our pool towels. We are sitting there and the two women show up to start opening up and my sister, my husband, and myself are just sitting there and talking about our childhoods and it comes to a quiet point in our conversation and in the ladies conversation and then my husband........Lets one rip.... And I mean its not like it was an accident, the stupid fool says OUT LOUD, that it was on purpose.. I swear to you I almost killed him, I don't mind when he is at home playing video games, or on the computer....But in public, when I am around. I should have killed him, but I admit I was laughing, really hard.


Not to mention it wasn't like a small little....Toot, it was more of, damnit now I have to wash those later....Have some courtesy. A little toot could have come off as the leather chair he was leaning against, but no. AND he still tried to blame it on the chair, when I am sure no matter HOW much you rub a leather chair it does NOT sound like little children dying and a soul being released from his body.


Either way, your GODLIBERATOR is an animal. And embaressing, enough as it is. But, I love him.....I guess I have to. Anyways, I will most likely be embaressing him throught my blogs in EBW. Hey, I love him and I can embaress him anytime I want. I will deffinately have another embaressing blog about him by tonight, we're going to the movies, pray for meh.



Uploaded 11/22/2008
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