So what does the "C" stand for?

I was browsing for something to watch last night at work and came across a horrible B movie called "Jailbait", starring none other than C. Thomas Howell. I stopped halfway through the movie as it was time to go home and decided to finish this trainwreck of a movie later.

Just to give you a brief synopsis of the flick... "17 year old Kyle" (she's a girl with a boy's name) "comes to the big city in search of her half-sister Merci. Merci is on the run after being used to set up a murder. The police and the killers both want her. Kyle ends up on the streets until renegade cop Sgt. Teffler (C. Thomas Howell) takes her in. Now he must protect her while trying to stop a white slavery ring from abducting more young girls." The synopsis is 40 times better than the film itself, despite the plethora of tittes.

Anywho, so my better half and I are on the way home from a rousing visit to walmart and our favotie chinese food place when I out of the blue ask "what does the 'C' stand for?" My boyfriend has no clue what I'm referencing, so I begin to explain my plans to finish my movie while I eat my lunch and my confusion as to what the C stands for...

"Is it an embarrassing name like Cornelius or Corruthers? Or did his parents think he was going to be a girl and when he was born a boy, decide that Cindy was too good a name to let go of? Maybe he just thought it would add to his character as an actor, you know, going by an initial as opposed to introducing himself as Carl Thomas Howell..."

Flabbergasted. That's the only word  that can be used to describe the look on my boyfriend's face by the time I finished talking.

Oh, and if you're curious+too lazy to look it up, the "C" stands for Christopher. I don't think it did much to aid him in the world of acting...

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